OEF500YX-Ultra High Resolution Digital Micromirror Spatial Light Modulator

The ultra-high resolution digital micromirror spatial light modulator is designed using the TI low-cost controller DLPC900, which can modulate the amplitude of the input light, thus meeting the application requirements in the fields of computational optics and information optics. Ultra high definition digital micromirror spatial light modulator uses TI advanced light control chips, designed for industrial and scientific research fields, supporting accurate internal and external synchronization signals, and being able to closely cooperate with cameras. This series of products can save image data when powered down, with high cost performance.

Product Details

Chipset DLPC900 + DLP500YX
DMD Type DLP5500
DMD Diagonal Size 0.5  inch
DMD Physical Resolution 2048*1200
DMD Micro Mirror Size 5.4um
Maximum Frame Rate (Binary) 16100Hz
Maximum Frame Rate (8-Bit Grayscale) 2016Hz
Maximum Frame Rate (16-Bit Grayscale) 1008Hz
Memory Module Capacity 512Mbit*2
Band Range VIS:420nm-700nm
PC Interface USB 1.1 interface, HDMI, DP interface
Trigger Interface sustain
Gray Scale 1-16bit adjustable
Length Of Flexible Cable 31CM
Transition Angle ±17.5°
DMD Installation Method
Application Area Optical field modulation, machine vision, computational imaging, visual guidance, super-resolution microscopy, etc



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