SCS-4000-T – Single Mode Fiber coupler working station

Internal schematic
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Main FrameDrawing precision:0.2 μmDrawing speed:0.2—10000 μm/sDrawing distance(max):50 mmHolding fiber diameter:0.1—0.5mmDimensions:700 mm×480 mm×260 mmHeating UnitTorch scanning range0-20 mmMoving Speed0-4 mm/sGas usedHydrogen ( or Oxygen)Hydrogen flowing0-500 SCCMOxygen flowing0-200 SCCMOptics UnitDetectorInGaAs: 1100-1700 nmOptionalSi : 400-1000 nm, Ge:1000-1800 nmLaser Source(Optional):1310/1550 nm benchtop laser source (1 mW)Optional:UV lamp is offered when you choose the UV bond.
Specification For Fused Components – Standard Singlemode fiber couplerWorking wavelength1310 nm, 1550 nm, 1310/1550 nmExcess loss<0.2 dB Bandwidth+/-20 nm, +/-40 nmCoupling Ratio1—99% , Error: ±2% for 50:50Packaging Size<50 mmOrdering information:SCS-4000-XXX:SCS-4000-P:PM fiber coupler stationSCS-4000-B:larger core size fiber coupler/combiner stationSCS-4000-ST:SM fiber tapering stationMain Software Interface16375b3e79aa5aafFigure 1-1 “Main Menu” window330caec003f1c430Figure 1-2 “Parameter Setting” Window2cd030f98e9e549dFigure 1-3 “Fusion and Tapering Production” windowdf301694002fbfa7Figure 1-4 ” Position Adjustment” Window 
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